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A platform for the tech faternity and enthusiasts to learn & grow. At the first series of this dynamic event, we shine a spotlight on Deno.js, offering you a unique opportunity to witness and engage with the monumental shifts defining the future of Node.js.


Deno.js, the brainchild of Node.js creator Ryan Dahl, stands as a revolutionary runtime environment for JavaScript and TypeScript. It redefines server-side and client-side programming, addressing security concerns and limitations. In this age of modern web development, Deno.js is a pivotal player, and we at Communication Crafts present an exclusive opportunity to experience it firsthand at ‘Tech-Tonic.’

Discover Deno.JS Potential

Deno, a groundbreaking runtime environment for JavaScript and TypeScript, is revolutionizing the way developers approach server-side and client-side programming. Created by Ryan Dahl, the original creator of Node.js, Deno aims to address some of the limitations and security concerns present in its predecessor.


In this era of modern web development, Deno is a key player. It’s high time to delve into this exciting technology and unlock its potential for your next project.


Why Deno.JS

Why Deno.js improves Agile process of Design & Implementation

Why Deno.js > TypeScript+Node+ESM

Why Ryan Dahl re-created Deno.js when NodeJS wasn’t enough

Using existing NPM packages in Deno.js

Frontend MicroServices Architecture in Deno.js

The Design And Implementation process in Deno.js

Migrating existing node apps in Deno.js
EsBuild, Angular, ReactNative, NativeScript, Flutter, and 12-factor apps

An implementation with Supersonic Quarkus

About the Speaker

Mohammed Sheriff

Sr. Solutions Architect

Introducing Mohammed Sheriff, an industry luminary with over 17 years of trailblazing experience in the world of technology. With a remarkable career spanning across renowned tech giants like Microsoft, Cisco, Dell, and Sandisk, Sheriff stands as a seasoned Solutions Architect.

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